Cute Dog Carriers

Last week, reader Leah Jill Leah issued us the following challenge:

Every time I fly, I take my dog, Lulu (Toy poodle/bischon) with me. This counts as 1 personal item (even though its $100.00 each way). I would like to be able to not check any bags when I fly home for Christmas this year. What do you feel is the best bag setup for me? I like my products and organization and to be airline approved. Oh and lets not forget Lulu and I must be cutie patooie :)

We did some searching and came up with the following options.

We love this Kwigy.Bo bag because it has inside and outside pockets. Try keeping your ID and airline ticket in the outside pockets so they’re within easy reach and you don’t have to disturb Lulu. And that camo will wear well, matches a lot and is pretty darn cute.

This Creature Couture bag is roomy enough for your belongings and your pooch. It fits under your seat and has all those pockets to keep you organized, too. Available at

Since you’re traveling over the holidays, you should consider shipping your presents ahead of time, too. It will save room and a whole lot of hassle as you go through security. The only time we screwed up the liquid restrictions was when we had a bottle of Tocca body lotion in our bag that was a Christmas gift.

Let us know how we did. Full disclosure, we don’t travel with pets.

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