Crest Weekly Clean: At-Home Teeth Whitening Made Better

tooth whitener


After a combined 5 years of braces and countless dollars of our parents’ money (thanks, mom and dad!) we try hard to keep our smiles bright. We’ve both had in-office teeth bleaching (it works!) but rely on at-home trays and products to keep our pearly whites exactly that. Here’s a way to make at-home bleaching more effective: Brush first with Crest Weekly Clean Intensive Cleaning Paste. The paste has more silica than regular toothpaste, which gets our teeth extra clean–like we’ve just been to the dentist or eaten a crunchy apple. That way your teeth can absorb the peroxide in your bleaching product more regularly and evenly for even whiter teeth.

The paste IS safe to use everyday, but it doesn’t have fluoride, so you’ll still need to brush with a conventional paste.

In a special offer for JSG readers, we’re excited to be giving away 10 .85 oz tubes of Crest Weekly Clean. Just email us your name and address to by Monday September 29 and you’ll be entered to win.

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