Crest Chocolate Toothpaste Review

Crest Chocolate Toothpaste Review

When I first read about Crest’s new chocolate toothpaste flavor, Crest Be Adventurous in Mint Chocolate Trek, I was dubious. Brushing your teeth with the flavor of chocolate—something you generally need to protect your teeth from—just sounds weird. So how was it in actuality?

Turns out, I kinda like it. First up, the toothpaste isn’t chocolate-colored, but a soft mint green with brown flecks, reminiscent of mint chocolate chip ice cream (shown above). In fact, everything about this toothpaste reminds me of mint chocolate chip ice cream. I like that it’s green and not brown. I don’t think my brain would be ready to handle brown toothpaste just yet. The taste is chocolate-y and minty, yet refreshing, but not so sweet that I want to eat the whole tube.

The toothpaste contains sodium fluoride to prevent against cavities.

The other flavors in the Crest Be line include Crest Be Dynamic in Lime Spearmint Zest, which is mojito-inspired and Crest Be inspired in Vanilla Mint Spark, which is equivalent to a fancy after dinner mint. Out of the three, Mint Chocolate Trek is def my favorite.

Crest Be Dynamic Lime Spearmint Zest

The idea behind the line is that “Every moment should be extraordinary,” and I’m on board with that. Why not make an ordinary, everyday task like brushing your teeth into something a little more fun? And if it gets folks to brush longer or more, all the better.

Each of the Crest Be toothpastes cost $4.99 and are available at drugstores.

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