Cover FX Custom Cover Drops Review

Cover FX Custom Cover Drops Review

These days, I’m more of a tinted moisturizer girl than a full coverage foundation one, though I do like the option to have both. That’s where the genius of Cover FX Custom Cover Drops come in. You add a drop, or two or three or four, to your favorite moisturizer or primer that is water, oil or silicone-based to customize your coverage. The recommendation is to do it on your palm, but mine always seem sweaty, so I prefer the back of my hand.

Custom Cover Drops N20

For every day, I use one drop, for a night out I use two. I mix it with my favorite L’Oreal Paris Youth Code Skin Illuminator Tinted All-in-1 Moisturizer. I love the glow the L'Oreal product gives me, but always want a little more coverage with it. The Cover FX Custom Cover Drops are the perfect solution. I always blend with a sponge. I might use three drops around my nose or other areas of redness, but I haven't ever tried four, because I haven't had to.

Custom cover drops review

No surprise that this innovative little product won an Allure Breakthrough Beauty Award.

It comes in 25 shades (I use N20) and is available at and Sephora for $44.

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