Coupons Texted to Your Phone in New York City

We’re already addicted to the new service, which we just read about it today in the NYPost–a boon for tourists and locals alike. It feautres some incredible discounts like 8-cents for a serving of Mac & Cheese at Supermac on July 29th, 20 percent off your tab at Zenith (a poor girl’s version of Zen Palate), discounts for the upcoming Fringe Festival (off-off-off-off Broadway plays that are hit or miss, but always worth the effort) and Fuerzabruta (the water-filled show from the creators of De La Guarda, shown above).

Some of the options are a little questionable, like a $950 Persian kitten (Please rescue a kitten, folks and save the cash!); half-priced Botox (we’re fans, but your results will only be as good as the person injecting you. Anywhere that advertises for half is a major red flag to us) or discounted glass tobacco pipes (um..what do you use those for?).

We love the thought behind the site:
We call ourselves 8coupons, but secretly, we want to be more than just coupons. We want to empower local businesses in our neighborhoods so that they have the opportunity to be discovered. We want to encourage you to check out that Cuban restaurant in the East Village, or the new sushi restaurant that just opened around the corner. We want to make it easy for you to explore, discover, and take full advantage of living in the greatest city in the world, one neighborhood at a time.

What’s most brilliant about the site is that you can have the coupons texted directly to your phone. You don’t have to remember to bring a coupon or print it out. We predict this is the wave of coupon futures!

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