Country Singer Jesse James Decker Talks Pregnancy and Swimsuits

Country Singer Jesse James Decker Talks Pregnancy and Swimsuits

If you’re a country music fan, chances are you already know Jesse James Decker is expecting a boy to add to her growing family. We recently had the chance to chat with the On Deck With the Deckers’ star via email about her pregnancy and her swimsuit line Amore & Sorvette.

What are you most excited about when it comes to baby #2?

Having another baby is so exciting. It’s another baby to love as much as I love Vivi. I can’t wait to see their interaction and of course Eric with a little mini him.

Does Vivianne realize she’s going to be a big sister? How far apart will your kids be in age?

She knows something is up. When I ask her where her brother is she pulls up my shirt and pokes my belly and sometimes kisses it. She’s going to be so good to him. They will be 18 months apart.

Why did you decide to find out the baby’s sex? 

Because I wanted to know ASAP-style who is in there. I feel like knowing starts the bonding. I feel that your baby growing in you is the most incredible bonding experience. So knowing it was him I knew his name immediately and could start talking to him and getting prepared for his room and clothes.

What did you like best about the Clearblue test?

I love Clearblue because it gets right to the point – “Pregnant” or “Not Pregnant.” You can’t mess that up, it’s as clear as day! I was so proud to partner with Clearblue to share my pregnancy story for Mother’s Day, but I want to encourage folks to continue to share our video, because mamas deserve to be celebrated all year long! (F35 note: It’s at the end of this post) Every woman’s pregnancy journey is unique and special – the Clearblue video showcases the excitement from so many different stories.

Let’s talk swimsuits. I have a 5-month old (my second!) and I’m still getting back into pre-baby shape. What are some styles that can help me look my best? As a 2nd time mom, are my bikini days behind me?

No way. Rock that body. I have C-section scar and am proud. It’s my battle wound to show how tough a mama I am. A mother’s body is beautiful and we should embrace the wonderful things God has given us the power to do! Carry and grow life!

I think any of my suits work for all body types. For larger boobs my “Jessie” top is full support (shown below). And for my modest mommies my “Parker” covers up all the good stuff.


Watch below as Jesse shares about her pregnancy test and other folks show their pregnancy reveals (With a 5-month old, I’m likely still pretty hormonal, but it did make me cry!)

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