Cocktail Countdown to ’08–5 Days to Go!

Whether you’re taking a glamorous girls getaway, ringing in the New Year at a local club or even just staying in (We don’t blame you, it ain’t called amateur night for nothing!), a fun cocktail can make the night. So, until January 1, we’ll be giving you a cocktail a day.

We’re leading off with one from NYC’s BarFry to remind you to eat a hearty meal before you start boozin’ it up hadcore. We like this one because we’ve never heard of basil in a cocktail before and the prosecco will gear you up for the New Year’s Eve bubbly.

BarFry’s Passion Fruit Basil Martini
Muddle one lime wedge in a shaker
Clap one piece of basil in hands and drop it into the shaker. (We’re not quite sure what clap means, but we’re going to guess you fold it or crush it slightly.)
Fill shaker with ice, 1.5 oz of vodka, 2 oz of basil passion fruit juice (made in house), 1/2 oz of sweet vermouth.
Shake well and strain into a chilled martini glass. Top with a dash of prosecco. Clap a piece of basil and put on top as garnish.

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