Clues from the Sex and the City Soundtrack

We’ve read a lot about the fashion and the locations of the upcoming SATC movie—and here we are, excited about the soundtrack. We are still clinging to one of our New Year’s Resolutions to do a better job of making more playlists. Obviously we’re lazy since the resolution about taking the stairs all the time fell by the wayside month ago, so that’s part of the reason we love soundtracks—they’re a ready made mix cd.

The soundtrack to the movie is released May 27—three days before the movie and…well, we’re not crazy about the original songs. Fergie’s Labels or Love has a fun sampling of the SATC theme song and will stick in your head if you’re not careful kinda like all of Fergie’s greatest hits (Glamorous anyone?). J. Hud’s All Dressed in Your Love leaves a lot to be desired, especially coming from a former Dreamgirl.

We are eternal suckers for a good remix, so we love India.aire’s Heart of the Matter and the Bird and the Bee cover or How Deep is Your Love.

For those looking for a clue to the plot lines: Auld Lang Syne is number 10 on the playlist. Should we look for a big New Year’s Eve ending a la When Harry Met Sally? The penultimate song is Al Green’s How Do You Mend A Broken Heart and the final song…Walk This Way by Run DMC. Hmmm…Does Carrie end up single?

If you’re still with us—it’s more fun to look at SJP’s, Cynthia Nixon’s and Kristin Davis’ playlists on iTunes. Kim Catrall is conspicuously absent once again. SJP’s is a somewhat predictable mix of Guns N’ Roses, Sade, and Janet Jackson. Cynthia Nixon threw us with her country selections Dolly Parton, Johnny Cash and Loretta Lyn while Kristin Davis surprisingly leans towards soul and hip hop with Kayne, Earth Wind and Fire and Natalie Cole. Now we’re inspired to make our Summer ’08 playlist!
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