Cities with the Best Shopping

Cities with the Best Shopping

We definitely have our favorite standby by destinations, where we know we’ll have a fab time, shopping, partying and spa-ing (no big surprise, they’re Miami and Vegas). But we do like to mix it up, diversify and explore new cities from time to time. The question then always becomes where? And how do we know the destination will have what we’re looking for?

This is the time of year our favorite cheat sheet is released, courtesy of Travel and Leisure. Their guide to America’s Favorite Cities 2008 is a handy breakdown of cities by various key categories. The ones that interest us most are:

Best Shopping
No surprise here that Annie’s hometown of NYC ranks first overall. What we didn’t know is that New Orleans is tanked top for vintage stores/flea market. One more reason to visit the Big Easy. Charleston, where Hope is today, ranks second overall. We’ll expect a full report.

Best Nightlife
Again, no shockers here with Las Vegas taking top honors. What we didn’t realize is that Chicago comes in 6th, ahead of Los Angeles and Nashville (shown above). Time to revisit the Windy City? Um..maybe next spring.

Attractive People and Smart People
We’re trying not to take it personally that New York ranks 8th in this category and D.C. is 21st (ouch!). Worse, NYC is 9th for intelligent people. At least D.C. comes in at 7th. What cities do rank? No shock that Miami has the most beautiful people (Props to them. That Latin influence does make the city sizzle.) and Seattle has the most intelligent (does nerdy automatically equal intelligent?).

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