Cirque de Soleil: Kooza

Cirque de Soleil: Kooza

We have a theory that your first Cirque de Soleil is always your favorite. We’re still partial to Alegria, which we saw at Disney World for our virgin experience with the grown up circus. But three Cirque shows later and Kooza now at NYC’s Randall’s Island is a close second.

It has the same chills and thrills that has us holding our breath and biting our nails in hopes that the performers make their jump on a highwire or keep their balance on a stack of 20 chairs. Watching the trio of contortionists (above) inspired us to commit to at least two more decades of yoga to work on our flexibility. What the show lacked in sex appeal, it made up for in excitement–we loved the duo on a unicycle and the “wheel of death” that had two acrobacts doing flips and jumping ropes on two wheels that spun simultaneously. We’re still haunted by the Sanskrit-inspired tunes sung live.

We could have done without the goofy king and even sillier dog who “peed” on the audience. And the scene where an audience member got pickpocketed of everything from his cellphone to his wallet to his ties on stage would have been more at home on a cruise ship.

That said, Kooza is definitely worthy of a girls’ night out or even a hot date. We partook of the Tapis Rouge, a VIP tent that serves appetizers before the show, desserts during intermission and cocktails throughout to make it a complete evening out.

Kooza is playing through June 7.

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