Christine Mighion Jewelry: Eco-Friendly Jewelry

Yesterday we were introduced to the new “Lustre” line of jewelry by designer Christine Mighion. We were struck first by the natural, brushed gold and usual shapes of the stones she uses. Turns out both are the strategic design of an eco-conscious artist who uses recycled gold and stones from conflict-free mines.
“Clean lines and matte satin finishes lend itself to the modern appeal of my work, while the rough stones and irregular textures created through forging metal give an earthy balance. Each piece feels special and unique in this way – distinctively beautiful, but unpretentious,” said Mighion.
We are taken with the 14K Gold Rhodolite Garnet Earrings ($285) pictured above and the 14K Gold Tanzanite Stacking Ring Set ($440), pictured below. Here’s hoping someone close to us is checking in on JSG for gift ideas.

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