Celebrity Solstice and Riedel Wine Glasses

Our favorite event on the Celebrity Solstice was a wine tasting guided by Max Riedel, whose family has been making crystal for over 250 years. Most notably, the Riedel wine glasses are of such quality and function that they are used almost exclusively for wine tasting and competitions world wide.

He entertained us with stories of his grandfather escaping the Russian army and falling in love with Italian women; but he also opened our eyes to the importance of the shape of the glass as a functional way to enjoy wine. We tasted four varieties from Sauvignon Blanc to Cabernet each in its appropriate glass but also in the wrong glass for that wine. It truly smelled, tasted and felt different in our mouth depending on the glass.

Mr. Riedel was so convincing that we’re investigating the best places to find sets for our own homes. Williams-Sonoma has a large selection ranging in quality and price which we could use for special occasions. For Thanksgiving next week, we’re going to stock up on the Pinot Noir glasses from Target. They aren’t as high quality; but buying them in bulk is easier on the wallet and we usually break one between now and New Years.

Riedel Vinum Sauvignon Blanc from Williams-Sonoma (2 for $64):

Riedel Vivant Pinot Noir glasses from Target (4 for $40)

In the spirit of full disclosure, it’s only fair we tell you what else we learned on the Celebrity Solstice. Bud Light is good drinking. Hear us out: one of the reasons JSG’s Hope has never been on a cruise is her uncanny ability to get queasy by simply turning her head too quickly and riding in the front seat of a car definitely does it; so boats pose a serious problem. Short of the wine tasting, the only beverage that she could drink was Bud Light which was in fact a recommendation from our girlfriend Abby (2 Bud Lights and you’ll feel better). You can imagine it was embarrassing to sit at the Solstice’s Martini Bar and order a can of Bud Light (“in a glass please”) when what we’d really like is Grey Goose martini. Life is full of compromises and surprises. Cheers!

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