Carry On Bags: Cute New Carry On Bags

Carry On Bags: Cute New Carry On Bags

We’re always on the look out for covetable carry on bags for our weekend getaways. Here are a rainbow of options on our wish list:

Lululemon Jet Running Tote Here’s a little secret: Workout bags make great carry ons. They tend to have lots of pockets and compartments and are washable and roomy enough for the weekend. This one is no exception.

and flying are stressful enough. A bright coral bag like this one is an instant pick me up. We love the roomy outside pocket for our ticket and ID.

Bettina Square Tote Bag
This is like a purse and carry on in one, so you won’t have to do that thing where you shove your third bag into your second to show you only have two carry ons when you get to security. It has 5 credit card slots and pen holders and a groovy floral lining.

Kate Spade Union Square Travel Opus Because we’re determined to get something from the Kate Spade sale and who doesn’t love a bag that would make Kermit proud? The nylon zip top bag would make a great beach bag, too.

Marc by March Jacobs Tote This bag will looks just as chic when you’re walking around the city as it does on the plane. Marc, you’ve done it again!

The DVF Tiger Box Bag We get it. Not everyone loves color. But if you’re going with black, at least mix it up with a sexy pattern. Meow!

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