Carol’s Daughter Transitioning Movement

Carol’s Daughter Transitioning Movement

Solange KnowlesIf I were a black woman, I’m pretty sure I would be rocking an Afro. Natural hair is such a fierce statement—it’s bold, sexy and powerful. Just look at Solange Knowles (above). She's the face of the brand.

But from what I've learned, transitioning from relaxed hair to natural hair is a big challenge. To make things easier, Carol's Daughter is leading the charge with its new Carol's Daughter 1-2-3 Transitioning Kit.

Included in the kit are:

  • Purifying Low-Poo CleanserThe clarifying cleanser gently removes product buildup without stripping hair of moisture.
  • Renewing Scalp SprayThis spray gently exfoliates your scalp that may be damaged from repeated relaxer use
  • Restoring Anti-Breakage Treatment This cream helps repair and rebuild the point on your hair where the natural hair and relaxer meet.

To give support and help women who are growing out their relaxed hair, Carol's Daughter launched the site It's a place where women can go to share their stories, get advice and tips from experts and real women going through the same thing and find support for the hair journey.

The Carol's Daughter 1-2-3 Transitioning Kit is available on


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