Carasol Parasols Discount

As any of our regular readers know, we’re big proponents of sunscreen–mostly because we plan on saying we’re 29 for as long as we can, but also because, as everyone knows, burns are unpleasant and unhealthy. That’s why we’re in love with this modern take on an old-fashioned concept: the Parasol.

Carasol Parasols was founded by Carol. She was given a gift of a parasol by an aunt who lives in Japan. She was initially self-concious about carrying a parasol around NYC, but got over it when she realized the sun-protection benefits. Once she started carrying it, women would stop her on the street to ask her where they could buy one and hence the idea of Carasol Parasols was born.

Each parasol blocks out 85%-99% of UV rays depending on the fabric. We see these parasols as a chic way to protect yourself while shopping, strolling on the beach or lunching with friends.

Best of all, from now until August 15, JSG readers get a 10% discount online at Carasol UV Parasols website using the code: JETSET08.

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