Burger King to Serve Beer

One of our favorite things when we travel is to see what specialty items McDonald’s has on its menu–a McFalafel in Cairo; McCrab Cake in Maryland and McBeer in Germany. Mind you, we’re not eating there–just checking out the diversity.

Well, now, thanks to Burger King, we can get a beer with our fast food burgers stateside. A Whopper Bar is set to open in Miami next month. (There is already one at Universal Orlando Resort.) Even with the temptation of 24 hour service, a toppings bar that includes jalapenos and blue cheese sauce and a can of $4.25 Bud, Miller Lite or Budlight Lime (except between the hours of 5 to 8 a.m.), we doubt we’ll make it there on our next Miami trip! But if we do, we’ll definitely order a Bud Light Lime–there’s nothing like it to cut the burn of salsa and jalapenos!

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