Bronze Goddesses

bronzerIn our continuing effort to improve your tan (and ours!) in a healthy and non-orange or streaky way, we’re sharing our favorite bronze powders with you. We use these daily, more in the summer and on beach trips; but even a light dusting in the winter makes you look great. Wouldn’t you love to get the glow Charlize has on the left?

Our friend Heidi wins the award for the longest dedication to a single beauty product: Guerlain’s Terracotta. We can’t say just how long because that would totally date her; suffice it to say she started wearing it with big bangs, a kinky perm, and leggings. She’s not alone, this was one of the first bronzers out there and remains a big seller. Bonus, for the hot, humid weather, Terracotta powder is oil-controlling.

JSG’s Hope uses Bobbi Brown’s Bronzing Powder in Natural because all of Bobbi’s shades from lipsticks and glosses, to shadows and bronzers are the most natural and best fit for her coloring. There may be an element of habit here as well.

JSG’s Annie has been using Nars Laguna since she was a beauty editor at Life & Style and a Sephora makeup artist recommended it. The artist’s trick was to apply the bronzer as a “3” to each side of your face–meaning forehead, cheekbones and jaw line.

Try them yourself or let us know which bronzer works best for you. Notice that none of us use a liquid bronzer? Do you? Just remember, no matter how good it feels to get sun on you face (and how good it looks); it’s not worth the wrinkles later on.

Check back this week when we’ll be doing a Clinique Safe Sun giveaway!

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