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3 custom colorWe recently met Trae Bodge, (left) one of the founders of 3 Custom Color. 3 Custom Color is know for being THE place to go when MAC or Chanel discontinues your favorite lip gloss. What we didn’t know was that Trae is one of the loveliest woman you could ever hope to meet. We could have talked with her for hours about NYC, boys, weddings, home buying, the list goes on. Of course, we were there to talk about makeup and Trae shared more than a few of her secrets for looking refreshed and awake after a hard night of partying (or staying up with a newborn, as was Trae’s situation when she created the Mom-On-The-Go collection.)One product we were instantly addicted to is the clarifying pencil. It’s a warm flesh tone (it comes in light or dark) that you use to line the inner rim of your lower eyelid. “It cancels out any redness.” Boy does it ever. We will definitely use this on our next trip to Vegas.

Trae also helpfully suggested that we not wear purple eyeshadow like we were that day, when we’re tired, as purple makes eyes look bloodshot.

Also in the Mom-On-The-Go collection is a Brow Gel. If you’re like us you spend money and lots of your own time keeping those caterpillars tame. This gel hold them in place all day, without being sticky, flaky or too stiff. We used the clear; but the gel also comes in six different tints to match your hair color and add fullness.

Headed to the beach? 3 Custom Color has an intriguing special collection called Miami Glamour. It combines a sparkly teal eye color, Peacock, (applied wet along the lash line), with black liner and a poppy lip and cheek stain. The website tells you how to do it yourself.

3 custom color

Shop for these and other products here. For a special 3 Custom Color offer, visit Makeup Junkie.

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