Bridesmaid Dress Contest

bridesmaid dress

Have you ever suffered the indignity of having to wear coral chiffon or a bow twice the size of Kim Kardashian’s butt? The Gaylord Hotels wants to see the evidence and hear the story. And in recognition that, “behind every beautiful Bride, stands a team of supportive Bridesmaids,” one lucky winner chosen at random will win a trip for two at one of their properties, (located in Washington, D.C., Orlando, Nashville and Grapevine, Texas) including airfare.

That’s Annie, second from the left, as a bridesmaid at her college roomate’s wedding in Dallas. While it wasn’t a dress she ever wore again, at least it wasn’t tie-dyed, Scarlet O’Hara-themed or outrageously expensive as some of the other entrants have confessed.

Enter the Memorable Bridesmaid Dress Sweepstakes.

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