Brazilian Bikini Wax

Brazilian Bikini Wax

bikini wax

With Memorial Day around the corner, now is the time to book those summer beauty appointments. While Hope had a tough time with her Brazilian bikini wax experience, mine couldn’t have been any easier. I’ve had bikini waxes before, but my new favorite place to go in New York for waxes is Shobha.

I first went back in November to get ready for my wedding/honeymoon. The estheticians at Shobha use a mix of wax and sugar to remove hair. I couldn't tell the difference as it was happening, but sugaring is supposed to be less irritating. Like Hope, I had to remove all clothing below my waist, including my panties. I'm particularly un-modest (ask anyone who has shared a hotel room with me), but it's still awkward to have a stranger get up close and personal with your most private of privates. Paying someone to pour hot wax and rip hair out of your nether regions is just plain weird any way you look at it.

My Brazilian bikini wax wasn't exactly pain-free--afterward, I joked that I could understand masochists, because amongst all the wedding stress I was dealing with, the pain--and fear of pain-- during my wax caused me to forget about all my worries for a few minutes and was oddly relaxing.

The best part about the wax, and what sets Shobha apart from other Brazilian bikini waxes I've had, is that I had ZERO ingrown hairs from my treatment. That's definitely a first for me. It also lasted a long time and I wasn't even aware when my hair grew back, thanks to the lack of ingrown hairs. The other difference about Shobha is that it's very clean--the spa has a very strict no-double dip policy. Think about it, you don't want to eat with someone who double dips their chip--why would you get a wax somewhere that double dips their sticks?

Shobha Sugaring Kit

Those who aren't in NYC may want to try out the new Shobha Sugaring Kit, which comes with everything you need to wax at home. I'm pretty sure you would have to be a masochist and a sadist and possibly a contortionist to wax your own bikini line, but at $30 for the kit, it's definitely a money-saver!

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