Bicycle Rental: Bixi Bicycles

bixi bicycles

When we were recently in Montreal, we spotted hundreds of the very same bicycles chained up around town. Is Montreal home to a communist bicycle regime? Turns out they are all Bixi bicycles, small cruising bicycles available to rent in 30 minute increments. Montrealers use them to get from point A to point B as the beauty of the Bixi bicycle is that you don’t have to return it to the same place you rented it; the stations are strategically located around town. You use a credit card to rent one–though regular-renter cards are available.

As Hope pointed out on her trip to Chicago, seeing town from the seat of a bicycle gives you a refreshing perspective. Though you certainly can’t go too fast on these cruisers that are built for safety, not speed, you can cover far more ground than you would on foot.

montreal bicycle

The Bixi bicycles are now stateside and available in Minneapolis as part of Nice Ride Minnesota.

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