Betsey Johnson at the Plaza

Betsey Johnson at the Plaza

Betsey Johnson Spring 2010
Betsey Johnson can always be counted on to throw a show so fun- that it’s like the prom we wish we had. It’s always filled with party dresses, naughty girls with morning after makeup and hair and lots and lots of candy.

This season, Betsey Johnson’s presentation was at the Plaza, where she dressed Eloise as the beloved mischief maker might be reinterpreted by Hugh Hefner.

eloise betsey johnsonApparently, Betsey really likes the Plaza, and the Plaza really likes Betsey. She signed on to decorate a two-bedroom Eloise-themed suite. We hope it’s on the tip-top floor and includes a bed for Weenie and some raisins for Skiperdee.

This isn’t Betsey’s first foray into hotel design. She has her own Betseyville on the Pacific Coast of Mexico. That’s the bar, below. And if memory serves, we swear she designed a villa at the posh Half Moon Bay in Jamaica. In our mind, we picture a room with yellow wallpaper and pink flowers–tres Betsey!
betseyville bar

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