Best Tech Gifts for Travelers

Best Tech Gifts for Travelers

Not sure what to get the favorite Jet Set Girl in your life for a Christmas gift? Read on for suggestions from Cool Mom Tech’s Liz Gumbinner, Target Electronics spokesperson.

I think an underwater camera is super fun for a traveler. I like the Pentax WG-10, it’s incredibly lightweight and really rugged, no way will it get banged up in your bag, even when you toss it in there without a case! Even if you’re not getting underwater diving shots, it’s great for just standing ankle-deep in the ocean and taking pics without stressing about water damage.

Pentax camera

A Lifeproof case is a must for your cell phone if you’re a big traveler.  It’s waterproof, shockproof, and drop-proof. I have a friend who forgot about his iPhone in his pocket, dove into a swimming pool, and it was absolutely fine, which was a huge relief. The Lifeproof Lifejacket case is especially fun if you are heading out on a boat: it floats!

floating ipad case

It’s great traveling with a wireless Bluetooth speaker so you always have music in your hotel room or poolside. A lot of them are pretty heavy though, which is why the Beats Pill is a smart option. The colors are awesome, the sound quality is fantastic, and it weights under 11 ounces, so it’s perfect for popping into your tote or carry-on before you head out. It would make a great gift coupled with the Beats Solo HD on-ear headphones, a really easy way to let the guy next to you on the plane know that no offense, but you don’t feel like talking.

Any secrets on finding these gifts for less?

Ooh, so many! First, I tend to scan the web before I head out to get a sense of what retail prices are. That way you know if you’re in a store that promotes a “price cut” that’s really cut from an inflated price to begin with. It’s annoying, but it happens in quite a few of the big stores. (It’s also why I like Target’s Price Match guarantee which insures you’re not overpaying for anything.)

If you’re shopping online, there are some really helpful tools I like to use, like the Honey Extension which finds coupon codes for you automatically; and the Priceblink browser add-on which notifies you about better deals across the web the second you’re on a product page. Both are automatic, and I appreciate not having to do all that research myself.

Once you’re in the store though, take advantage of that store’s own discounts and promotions when you can. If you frequent a particular store, definitely consider getting their store credit card. Target’s REDcard (gives you an automatic 5% discount on nearly every purchase, and what’s special is that you can even get it as a debit card if you don’t want another credit card in your wallet. They also have a really awesome new app called Cartwheel app developed with Facebook for iOS and Android. I’m so not a coupon clipper so it’s great for people like me–before you hit the store or when you’re already there, browse categories and see what coupons are in there and even what your Facebook friends are buying. Then you just scan the barcode of the item, show your phone to the cashier, and get an automatic 5, 10, 20% off.

Finally, save all your receipts! If stores end up lowering prices, which they often do as you get closer to Christmas, a lot of them will honor the better price, even after the fact.

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