5 Books I’m Reading This Summer

5 Books I’m Reading This Summer

Here are the books I’m excited to download this summer:

The Perfect Find by Tia Williams. I already tore through this one. The plot, about a Jenna, a down-on-her luck 40-something fashion editor who falls for the boss’s son, is somewhat predictable, but who cares? Tia is the next best thing to Paul Rudnick. Her writing is laugh-out-loud funny and smart--she throws in cultural references ranging from Beowulf to Beyonce; and the sex scenes are everything you wanted the ones in 50 Shades of Grey to be, meaning dripping with real desire with no awkward references to "inner goddesses". Seriously, the book details the sexiest first kiss in the history of first kisses. But the main reason to read the book is Jenna herself. She’s adorable, knows how to stand up for herself (even if she learned it the hard way), caring and self-aware -- in short, the perfect modern day heroine.


summer reads never too real


Never Too Real by Carmen Rita This book is being called the Latina Sex and the City. And while that moniker is a little stale a decade plus after the show last aired, it’s easy to see why. The book follow four girlfriends in NYC. Each deals with her own issues from infidelity, a sick parent and infertility. Disclosure: I'm friends with the author and she promises I'll recognize a few inspirations from our mutual friends. That's too juicy to pass up! I’ve got this pre-ordered for its May 31 release.



summer reads modern lovers


Modern Lovers by Emma Straub. The best thing about Emma Straub’s last book, The Vacationers, was that it made me feel like I was in Mallorca. (On my bucket list of places to travel now!) Modern Lovers follows a trio of grown up college friends who now live in brownstones in Brooklyn. I’m anticipating teen angst, lots of references to wine being drunk and real estate envy.


summer reads dont you cry

Don’t You Cry by Mary Kubica. You always need at least one good suspense novel during the summer and this one looks promising. By the author of Pretty Baby, this book centers on “good” girl Esther, who goes missing one day from her Chicago apartment. Her roommate finds a letter addressed to “My dearest” and quickly learns that Esther may not be as good as she seems. A second plot focuses on Alex, a dishwasher in Michigan, who develops a crush on a mystery woman (seemingly not Esther from the reviews and blurbs). These two indepent tales wind together at the end.



summer reads pit bull


Pit Bull: The Battle Over an American Icon by Bronwen Dickey. I heard the author interviewed on NPR, which was enough to convince me I want to read this book. Her father is James Dickey, author of Deliverance, and she shared a lot about her upbringing, some of which I’m sure will be recounted in the book. Bronwen loved dogs and had nine throughout her childhood (her parents were not the best dog owners, to say the least). Her first dog of her own was a German sheppard adopted from a shelter that she returned after less than a year, because she proved too much dog to handle. In the interview, she likened the vilifying of pit bulls to the shunning of dachshunds after World War I. Weiner dogs, by some accounts, were stoned in the streets of England because of their having German heritage. I have my own feelings about pit bulls (I’ve known some sweet ones and I’ve encountered some scary ones), and I’m curious to learn more.


How about you? Anything you're excited to read this summer?

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