Beijing Air Pollution: Yes, It Really is That Bad

Beijing Air Pollution

You can’t flip open a newspaper these days without reading about the poor air quality in Beijing. JSG went two years ago, and can personally report, that yes, it is that bad.

We were there in May and developed a cough that we couldn’t shake even after we had been home for a few weeks. Even for a month or two afterwards, whenever we were in pollution, around cigarette smoke or smoke from dry ice (at a club), the cough instantly kicked in.

We were lucky we weren’t there a few weeks earlier. We met some fellow travelers who said that a dust storm from the Gobi Desert made it particularly miserable.

We feel for beach volleyball players Misty May-Traenor and Kerri Walsh (pictured above in their killer bikini-clad splendor); though the air pollution hasn’t hurt them yet.

Ever wonder what it’s like to compete in a bikini? Here’s a video clip of Jen Boss USA volleyball player giving us the dish.

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