Behind the Scenes of Life Happens

Behind the Scenes of Life Happens

Life Happens lipstickOn Monday night, I was so excited to attend a screening of Life Happens sponsored by Tarte Cosmetics (one of my favorite cosmetic brands) with a intro by Krysten Ritter, who co-wrote the movie and stars in it, and Amy Nadine, the head makeup artist on the movie. The movie was originally envisioned as a girls’ version of Swingers, but changed when Krysten’s co-writer, Kat Coiro got knocked up.

Amy Nadine chatted with us about when she was first introduced to Tarte and what she used on the movie:

“Every person I work with has a special thing, a special request. For example, Lauren Conrad won’t wear eye shadow, Rachel Bilson wants black on the inside of her eye. When I met Krysten, I asked, “What are your things?”

She said, ‘I don’t wear lipstick and I don’t wear lip gloss. I only like lip balm.’

Amy Nadine started out using the Elizabeth Arden 8-Hour Lip Cream, which she had in red and pink. When she was working with Krysten a second time, she decided to hit the stores so she had more color options:

“I went from counter to counter to counter at every dept store—Barney’s, Sak’s, Bloomies. Then I went to to Sephora. I didn’t know what Tarte was. But I  Saw LipSurgence and it said it has a 6000 percent moisture increase and it’s a tinted lip balm. There were 12 different shades at the time and I bought every color for her.”

Krysten asked Amy Nadine to head up the makeup department if her film ever became a reality. When it did, Amy Nadine called up Tarte and asked them to sponsor her makeup kit.

“There is not one scene in this film where Krysten, Kate or Rachel do not have LipSurgence on their lips. That’s all I used lips on this film. Krysten wore Enchanted, Kate, who likes matte lips, wore Hope and Rachel’s switched from scene to scene.”

Trust us, when you see Krysten with her dark hair, snow white skin and juicy red lips, you’ll want to immediately head to Sephora to invest in your own Tarte LipSurgence in Enchanted. Kate’s color, Hope, is a perfect rose-y pink that’s the right color for when you want to fake the perfectly done look that looks like you’re not wearing any makeup.

Life Happens opens on Friday, April 13.

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