Beach Week Day 4: Fishing in the Abacos

Beach Week Day 4: Fishing in the Abacos

Women fishing

Here’s a trip worth planning ahead for: The Reel Sassy Girl’s Weekend at the Abacos Beach Resort in the Bahamas, April 29-May 1. Fishing’s not usually our thing (we still have flashbacks to the dull fishing trip we were forced to take with an ex), but we chatted with Reel Sassy co-owner Kim Ewing (that’s her above) and she convinced us that it’s worth giving the sport a second look.


Kim grew up in Florida and started fishing off of the causeway as a way to spend time with friends on the weekends in high school. She only got into deep sea fishing after meeting her now hubby a sport fishing boat captain. Kim promises there are no worms or bait fish involved with deep sea fishing—it’s all about using lures.

As for the allure of fishing itself, Kim says:

“It’s not the fishing, it’s the catching—hearing the line zing, knowing you have something on your line, but not knowing what’s on the other end.”

Ready to give it a try yourself? The Reel Sassy weekend includes two nights at the Abacos Beach Resort, airfare from Ft. Lauderdale, an opening reception, breakfast everyday and a day trip to Hope Town in the Bahamas. Prices start at $549 per person. Email for more details.

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