Beach Vacation Ideas #3: Wellness Retreat at Little Dix Bay

Little Dix BayThe bad news: Our jeans are fitting tighter than they ever have after the holidays. The good news: We’re not going down the road to chubbsville without a fight! That includes seeking out vacations (like this weekend’s trip to Sedona) where we can combine pleasure with fitness. You can do exactly that at the Wellness Retreats at Little Dix Bay on Virgin Gorda in the British Virgin Islands.

Last week, I went to a class with Taylor of Frankly Fitness. He’ll be hosting the Wellness Retreat in late April at Little Dix Bay. His class involves using kettle bells, your own body weight, and free weights combined with bursts or cardio for a workout that left me feeling like I had done something good for my body, but I wasn’t so sore I couldn’t move the next day. A four night retreat with classes offered 2x per day would definitely have us back in our favorite skinny jeans in no time!

Little Dix Bay Frankly Fitness

If you can’t wait until April, and you can act super fast, Little Dix Bay is hosting a week long yoga retreat starting on January 14. Find out more about the Wellness Retreats at Little Dix Bay.

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