Be a Star

We’ve always thought the downside to being a celeb must be dealing with the paparazzi. Who wants to go out for the morning Starbucks in sweats, sans makeup and get photographed? But we must admit we’re intrigued by the Celeb 4 a Day personal paparazzi service.

Basically you hire your own paparazzi for an hour ($250) or an evening (up to $1,500) and a pack of photographers follow you around, shouting out questions (you supply them with appropriate dirt, like crushes, jobs, vacations, etc.). We imagine this must give you an edge when it comes to getting in a club. (Though following our guidelines accomplishes the same and you don’t have to spend $250.)

Our SO would definitely get a kick out of this–he was just joking around with his friend the other day that he would make better fodder for US and Life & Style than most of the celebs. (He would!) We considered surprising our friend Heidi with the service on her upcoming birthday, but unfortunately the service is only available in Austin, LA and San Francisco at the moment. Fame will just have to wait!

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