Bars for 30-Somethings

Bars for 30-Somethings

Maybe it’s because we’re too busy having fun with people of all ages, but there’s something that rubs us the wrong way about the new website The site was founded by two women on the hunt for bars with Age Appropriates, or AA’s for short, and promises to find the best bars for people in their 30s.

On the upside, we give the ladies props for hitting up so many bars in such a short time and we applaud their efforts. However, they might have better luck if they did some research before heading out to the bars. For example, Live Bait at happy hour gets a poor review. Shocker. We haven’t been there since we interned and had a fake ID. Ladies, just so you know, you may also want to skip any bar within a 5 block radius of NYU.

We don’t always agree with the reviews on 35 Saturdays, like the thumbs up they gave Rudy’s (shown). Admittedly, we’ve never been to Rudy’s even though we lived around the corner for years. Why? Because it’s a known dive bar–the kind where people start drinking at 11, even on a sunny day–and they serve free hot dogs. Forget age appropriate. Rudy’s, is no place for JSGs.

Another gripe we have with the site: the reviews on places we want to try, like Warren 77, co-owned by hockey baddie Sean Avery, are woefully short and lacking in deets. It would be nice to know how crowded the bar was, what the dress is like and how pricey the drinks are, for starters.

On top of all that, what’s so bad about partying with 20-somethings? Some of our besties are in their 20s!

For now, we’re sticking with our friends recos and Deluxe Experiences for our NYC nightlife info.

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