Bachelorette Party Ideas #3: Helping a JSG Reader

JSG Reader Suzy writes:

“I am planning my best friend’s bachelorette party.  The wedding date is in February, so I know I am a bit early in the planning.

We live in Miami, so already a great location for a party, I just have no idea where to start.

I was also thinking some sort of weekend getaway, just to be able to get out of Miami since we live here.  Some of her friends live in the New England area, so I figured it would be fair to travel somewhere so that everyone travels.

We are also trying to stick to a decent budget.  As you may well know, money is tight for everyone nowadays.

Would you be able to suggest some ideas?”

We applaud your early planning. It’s always best to nail down a date and get everyone on board a few months ahead of time, as the weeks leading up to the wedding can get crazy–plus you have to factor in the holidays, too. You may not want to hear this, but your best and most affordable option is to stay in Florida. As the wedding is in February, we’re guessing the bachelorette party will be in the fall or winter and guess what? All the girls from New England will be dying for some fun in the sun.

But that doesn’t mean your limited to Miami. Why not explore other areas of the state? That way, you’re doing something different for the locals, the New Englanders still get to escape the harsh climes and towns like Key West or St. Pete can be more affordable than South Beach, too.

Postcard Inn

Reader Lorena Crowley went to Key West for her bachelorette party and had a blast. Or what about the surf-inspired Postcard Inn in St. Pete (shown above)? It frequently offers discounts to residents of the Sunshine State, so you may be able to score a deal!

Let us know where you end up!
Anne & Hope

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