Bachelorette Party Ideas #15: Bachelorette Party Games

bachelorette party drunk girls

No matter where you’re celebrating, it’s not a bachelorette party without a few games. You’ll need to play this one early on when you’re sober enough to construct not only a sentence, but a full story. Taking us back to our elementary school days, Story Club Games provide you with a story starter and a person, place and thing and you let your imagination fun wild from there. It sounds complicated, but with the right crowd, your sure to wind up with some hilarious results.

Bachelorette party game

A story could offer up the following starting points, for example:
Story Starter: Opening his mail, Todd was surprised to see an anonyomous letter about X...the love of his life.
Person: Aubrey, an interior designer who has redesigned her own face
Place: Friend's wedding
Thing: Line from a song

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