Bachelorette Party Idea #5: Sea Island, Georgia

Sea Island, Georgia

We realize some of you don’t consider wild nights in Miami and Las Vegas the best time; so we’re throwing out a beautiful and relaxing resort as our next bachelorette party recommendation.  Sea Island, Georgia has an expansive, private beach; is a short drive from Jacksonville Airport (which we prefer to Atlanta); and has arguably one of the best spas anywhere.

You can stay in a hotel room in the Cloisters or rent a villa also on the resort.  The spa is offering a “Women Who Wine” package which begins with your choice of a facial or massage and finishes with a bottle of wine, dark chocolates, and a discussion with a wellness advisor about nutrition, skin care, aromatherapy or fitness.  It’s designed for groups of two to six with access to the spa suite and a spa gift.

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