Bachelorette Parties – Idea #20: Bachelorette Party Games

Bachelorette Parties – Idea #20: Bachelorette Party Games

Bachelorette Parties – Idea #20: Bachelorette Party Games

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Whether you’re staying in for the night or pre-partying at home, these games will rev up the fun.

Carve the Cucumber
Forget toilet paper brides. In this game, you carve a cucumber to look like your S.O.’s member.

The Name Game
Breakout the name tags and give each other silly nicknames. One idea is to go with your “porn name”, the name of your childhood pet for your first name and the street your grew up on as your last.

Bridal Ban Game
Give everyone at the party 10 grains of rice. Every time someone says “bride” she loses a grain to the woman who called her out. At the end of the evening, the woman with the most grains of rice wins.

Bride and Groom Trivial Pursuit
Ask guests trivia questions about the bride and the groom. Some ideas: What’s the groom’s middle name? What’s the bride’s pet name for the groom? What color is their bedroom?

Wedding Mad Libs
Get a bunch of Mad Libs books. Only let respondents choose bridal themed answers (i.e. noun=gown, cake, reception; verb = dance, kiss).

I Never…
You probably haven’t played this game since college, but surprise: It’s more fun than ever! Get started with tamer items like: “I’ve never smooched in a foreign country” or “I never did a walk of shame” and let the fun build from there.

Bridezilla Boozing
DVR a Bridezilla marathon and drink every time the reality-TV bride throws a fit or cries.

Bedroom Advice
Anonymously write down your best bedroom advice—it can be anything from never go to bed angry to get monthly Brazilians. Have the bride guess who wrote each one.

Almost-Newlywed Game
In this spin on the Bob Eubanks’ classic game from the 70s, ask the groom questions that range from funny to intimate about the bride and their relationship before the bachelorette party. If you have a Flip or video camera, videotape his responses. If not, write them on poster board.
Sample questions: If the bride was stranded on a desert island, name the CD she couldn’t live without.
Where’s the craziest place you ever had whoopee?
What did the bride say when you first proposed to her?

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