Bachelorette Parties – Idea #15: San Diego

Bachelorette Parties – Idea #15: San Diego

Bachelorette Parties 15 San Diego

Today’s bachelorette party guest post is from our friend Nancy who recently went on a bachelorette party in San Diego from Chicago.

Who is getting married?

One of my best friends from college! We were in the same sorority.

Why did you pick San Diego for your destination?

The bride moved to San Diego (from Chicago) about 2 years ago with her fiancé and she’s been there ever since. We thought it was about time to make a visit to the West coast for some fun and sun.

Why did you pick your hotel?

One of our friends works for Hyatt and hooked us up with a great deal! We wanted to be downtown, close to bars/restaurants of the Gas Lamp district in San Diego. We were upgraded to suites complete with kitchens, living rooms and a giant dining room table – big rooms are a MUST for a bachelorette party. Girls need their space!

Here was the view from our room:

Hyatt San Diego
What did you like the most about the Bachelorette Party?

Since college, a lot of our gal pals have moved to different cities. Because we were all together, we decided to do the bridal shower and bachelorette party on the same weekend. The bride’s sister-in-law (who lives in San Diego) planned an AMAZING bridal shower at a swanky rooftop bar called LOUNGEsix. We had our own cabanas and the food was excellent – especially the shrimp ceviche – and of course we had pitcher after pitcher of this delicious cocktail with lemon/lavender flavors! The crowd was great and very receptive to our bride-to-be as we adorned her with her the classic bachelorette sash, veil and a bouquet of lollipops which she sold for cash! She worked the group and ended up scoring roughly $100 – who doesn’t love a woman getting married?!

What surprised you the most about the destination?

San Diego is so laid back and might I add – gorgeous!! Surfers were running around the streets barefoot with surfboards tucked under their arms and nobody had a care in the world. It was such a great and friendly atmosphere.

Funniest moment?

One of the bridesmaids is one of my dear friends and very creative. She stenciled out about 20 different shapes and put them on sticks (below) including lips, glasses, halos, etc. Each of us had our own for the night and we made up a game: whenever you put on the costume accessory, you had to speak with a British accent – quite fun!

Bachelorette Parties San Diego
What didn’t you like about it?

It was too short! I wish I could have stayed a week.

Any advice for ladies planning a bachelorette party to San Diego?

Make as many activities as possible outside and/or on the beach. The weather is amazing and you can’t help but want to be outside every waking minute! If you didn’t party too hard the night before, go for a hike – there are some great trails along the beaches – the views are breathtaking.

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