B. Kamins, Chemist Diamond Radiance Facial

I recently had the B. Kamins, Chemist Diamond Radiance Facial at the Ritz-Carlton Georgetown, Washington, D.C. It’s an anti-aging treatment that uses the sparkle of diamonds to reflect light; but also the science of B. Kamins products (think peptides and amino acids) to stimulate collagen growth.
I’ve visited many Ritz Carlton properties and the Georgetown location stands out from the rest for its uniqueness and intimacy. It’s a contemporary luxury boutique hotel housed in an historic Georgetown building; a favorite for visiting celebs (recently for those starring in political thrillers); and rumour has it, it’ll be packed for Inauguration with A-listers. I even passed an Oscar winner on my way to the spa.

The Spa at the Ritz is appropriately cozy (not at all like the 27,000 square foot spa at the Ritz Carlton Amelia Island). On a windy, cold November day, it was comforting to wander into the intimate setting, change into my robe and have a cup of tea in the relaxation room.

The Diamond Radiance facial is billed as the “most high-end treatment” offered by B. Kamins to rejuvenate and revitalise your complexion with promises to lift tired skin even in lieu of a face lift. It’s geared for mature skin (older than mine perhaps); but it does a great job of exfoliating then moisturizing a younger complexion also. This would be a great facial the day before a high school reunion or even a wedding if you’re looking to even out and brighten your skin tone. The most dramatic step in the facial is the Deep-Detox Microstimulator. Sadly, this product is not available for purchase, in fact it’s a powder to lotion formula that the aesthetician mixes shortly before applying. It works so strongly, I was advised to not exfoliate for the remainder of the week. The Flower Water Treatment Spray also stood out as refreshing and pleasant. It’s the only of B. Kamins products to carry a scent and I found it addictive. I was spritzed between each of the steps in the facial; but it can be used at home before applying your makeup to prep your skin, after applying makeup to set it or anytime to refresh your face and body. The Diamond Radiance facial left my skin soft and glowing for the next three days, and I wouldn’t use my favorite tinted moisturizer afterwards for fear it would interfere with my results.

The facial is offered at luxury spas worldwide including Ritz Carlton Spas, Saks Fifth Avenue Spas, Elizabeth Arden Red Door Spas, and Bliss spas. Remember spa gift cards make excellent holiday presents!

The Flower Water Treatment Spray is available at B Kamins, $36 for 8 oz.

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