Anna Sui for Fit Flop

Anna Sui Fit flop boots
Too embarrassed to keep wearing your Uggs, but not ready to give up the warmth and comfort? Trade up to a pair of Anna Sui Shakoha Boot FitFlop. According to W Magazine, Anna and Marcia Kilgore, FlipFlop creator and founder of Bliss Spas, ran into each other at Garren Salon. Turns out the pair go way back (Anna recommended Garren to Marcia back in the day) and Marica asked Anna to create a pair of FitFlop boots.

The suede and shearling boots look just as cozy as a pair of Uggs, but the stud detailing and tassel give them the edge fashion wise. The boots also have the same MicrowobbleboardTM midsole that the FitFlops do that is supposed to tone legs as you walk. We couldn’t imagine sliding out of a more perfect boot in the security line at the airport on the way to our next ski trip. Telluride, anyone?

The Anna Sui Shakoha Boot FitFlop is available on Net-a-Porter. Get yours fast–only 1,500 of the limited edition boots were made.

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