An Answer to Our Mascara Prayers?

mascaraEvery time we get our makeup done, we ask the makeup artist the same question: How can we wear mascara and under eye concealer without out our makeup smearing? (This combo is a MUST after a late night of partying or jet lag.) We’ve tried the sweep of fine powder—it settles into our crows’ feet. Ugh! No thanks! We’ve tried switching up the order and putting concealer on after our eye makeup to no avail. And waterproof mascara almost makes the issue worse—it smears just enough to be impossible to get off.

When we read about the new Clinique Lash Power Mascara Long-Wearing Formula’s challenge to brides—to wear the mascara and swim, watch sappy movies, cut onions, walk on a windy day–we were intrigued. Clinique promises the mascara will stay in place through all of these and come off with warm water—no heavy scrubbing required. Could it be the solution to our concealer problem?

When we opened the tube, we were skeptical. The wand was practically anorexic compared to our old stand by, Dior Show. (Dior Show is on the right. Clinique is on the left.). It couldn’t possibly give us the long full, lashes we love. But—we put it on and it did! Passed test #1. We used our concealer—no powder on top—and set off for our job on a windy spring day.

The result: When we got home, we were raccoon eye-free. It washed off in the shower without any rubbing or special eye makeup remover. We’re converts!

To learn more about the Clinique Lash Power Challenge, click here.

To buy Clinique Mascara, click here.

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