Aging Gracefully with Red Hair

Aging Gracefully with Red Hair

The first time I dyed my hair red, I was 16 or 17. I used a temporary kit (from L’Oreal, I think). I do remember it was called “Lucky Penny” and my receipt at the Cosmetic Center was $7.77. Despite this auspicious beginning, I stuck to my blonde roots for more than a decade.


When I finally did color my hair red, I went with a rich auburn. It was darker than my normal hue, so despite needing touch ups every six to 8 weeks (red does fade notoriously fast, as rumoured), I didn’t mind because it was a quick single process appointment.

auburn hair


Fast forward again a few years and I started having a few pesky grays sprout up. So I took the advice of every article I’ve ever written and read about aging gracefully, and lightened up.

I’ve been going to the uber-talented Will at Sally Hershberger downtown. (That's me and Will, top, post-color.) We do a single process and then add highlights, more in the summer and less in the winter. While the appointment is not quick, I can get away with stretching the time between touch-ups as the grays and blonde highlights blend seamlessly. It also doesn’t hurt that longer roots are in these days. I make it into the salon about once every three months. It’s longer than I would like, admittedly, but that’s the way life goes these days when I’m in the suburbs and need to line up a sitter every time I head out. But with Will’s artistry, I don’t think you would look at me and think, “Wow! Annie has really let herself go”. Check me out pre-color below. It was three months since my last appointment!

strawberry blonde roots


Will attributes the staying power of the color to Olaplex, a treatment that strengthens your hair and locks in the color. I attribute it to his artistic genius!


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