Advice for Brassy Highlights: Kate Hudson’s Great Hair

We haven’t hit mid-summer yet; but if you’re like us, you’ve already spent enough time in the sun to overexpose your pricey highlights. We love Kate Hudson’s great locks and know she’s at the beach and on her bike more than most; so we found some great advice to help our own color look as fresh as Kate’s.

Here’s a do-it-yourself trick from Shawn La’Yave, hair colorist and stylist at DEX New York: “If you’re blonde went brassy, you can create your own at-home violet shampoo to brighten your dull color by adding three tablespoons of grape juice concentrate to your favorite shampoo. It will cancel out any warm dull tones.”

Easy enough–we’ll be heading to Safeway this morning and will let you know if it works for us!

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