Advanced Imaging Technology vs. Opt Out Day

TSA Body Scan

The full-body scanners that were installed at most of the airports across the country in an effort to increase security by TSA are causing a fuss about personal privacy. The body scans essentially take an xray of the passengers, which are revealing especially if you’re not as immodest as the two of us. For those who feel it’s too invasive and/or against their civil liberties, they can choose to have a security official perform a manual pat down.

Brian Sodergren is so adamant that he’s encouraging passengers to boycott the scans entirely this Wednesday which happens to be THE busiest day travel day of the year. An average scan takes ten to twenty seconds while a pat down can take four minutes. Imagine if the hundreds of travelers in front of you at the security gate chose a manual pat down! We commend Mr. Sodergren for his commitment; but causing a huge delay on an otherwise unbearable day of travel just isn’t worth it to us. What do you think? Learn more at and

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