A Year in High Heels Review

A friend gave us a copy of A Year in High Heels: The Girl’s Guide to Everything from Jane Austen to the A-list
by Camilla Morton. Normally we prefer trashy fiction or dishy tell alls to how-to books, but this follow up to How to Walk in High Heels has an intro by the shoe guru himself, Manolo Blahnik, which was enough to convince us to give it a shot.

The rest of the book does not disappoint. We flagged 5 pages on our subway ride home the very evening we were given the book. Arranged month by month, it has such tasty morsels as quotes by the famous, such as:

“A newspaper reported that I spent $30,000 a year buying Paris clothes. I couldn’t have spent that much unless I wore sable underwear.” — Jackie Kennedy Onassis

To tips on how long to cook that turkey for: we’re looking at 4.5 hours for our 15 pounder; to advice on writing a sincere thank you note, the history of the sneaker, a primer on Jane Austen’s library and how to shop for vintage clothes by Lulu Guinness.

It’s the perfect Christmas gift for the girl who has everything. It will help her understand what makes an original Pucci so valuable and why it’s of note that Maria Callas and Gianni Versace have the same birthday (December 1).

And in the spirit of A Year in High Heels, a special thanks to Erica for giving us the book that you knew we would love!

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