A Secret Shopping Paradise

It used to be hotel gift shops only had over-priced sunblock and playing cards with the hotel logo on them. But now gift shops have established themselves as a destination entirely on their own and have turned into a mini-version of your favorite local boutique. At the Mondrian in Scottsdale, for example, our friend Shawn bought some adorable heart shaped crystal earrings for her daughter and a quality cigar to bring home to her husband (BTW: a great gift for your man to smooth the waters on your return from a girls’ getaway!). So now you can head to the hotel gift shop if you forgot your toothbrush or your fave necklace or handbag!In fact, the trend of chic hotel gift shops has caught on so much, that the W hotel is opening up a pop-up store in New York City for the holidays—and it’s not even at one of their hotels. It’s open today through Friday from 10 am to 8 pm at 90 West Street. It will have items like jewelry you would actually wear from Alex Woo and Swarovski, Laura Merkin clutches, the sparkly rings shown above and great cashmere blankets that are perfect for traveling or curling up at home. This proves it: The hotel gift shop isn’t just for travelers anymore.

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