A Peek Inside Zooey Deschanel’s Carry On Bag

A Peek Inside Zooey Deschanel’s Carry On Bag


At last Friday’s National Donate Your Hair Day, I also had the chance to talk packing tips with Zooey Deschanel. Here’s what she travels with:

I never check a bag. Never. Never would I ever check a bag.

If you’re traveling somewhere, pick a color scheme. Separates are better. If you have a dress and you get something on the dress, it’s ruined. But if you have a few separates, bring and bring a few extra tops, your set. A pair of pants, skirt, shorts that all match and tops that go with all 3. Also, tights. Under-wear. Socks.

You can’t bring too many shoes, because they take up a lot of room. You’re only allowed one pair of heels. Wear your boots on the plane—you’re not going to take up precious carry on space with boots. So wear the boots on a plane, pack flats and heels. And sneakers if you’re going to exercise.

Beauty Products?
I like oil for my face it tends to like cleansing oil and organic products. I like LaVigne oil. I found it online it doesn’t have any mineral oil and is very pure. I like it for cleansing. John Masters Organics makes a nice face oil.

I usually have my iPad. For take off and landing I have a New Yorker, it has enough to read for at least an hour. You can count on half an hour up and half an hour down.

I always have my iPod. You have no idea how much music I have on my iPod. I have an obscene amount of music o my iPod and it’s all like pre-1980s. It’s pretty wide and various.

I like real books, but when you’re traveling, the iPad is pretty great.

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Thanks to What Would Zooey Deschanel Wear for the photo!

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