A Peek Inside the Purple Lab Creatrix’s Carry On

Karen Robinovitz

They don’t come any chicer than our friend Karen Robinovitz, Creatrix of Purple Lab NYC cosmetics. We know Karen has been jetting to Florida and back a lot these days with her brand launch on HSN last month. Here’s what she travels with:

I have an asymmetrical Alexander Wang silvery crushed velvet pseudo cardigan with a cowl drapy back that can be used as a hood so it’s perfect for sleeping on a plane – the hood doubles as an eye mask because it hangs so low. It’s comfy, cozy, and so chic all at once and it folds up into nothing. (That’s Karen wearing it above.)

My carry on is a 25 year old Louis Vuitton oversized shopper my parents bought on a Paris vacation. Ten years ago, I found it in their garage, collecting dust. My mom didn’t like carrying it because it was too heavy for the shoulder and they wanted carry-ons with wheels. I happily inherited it and gave it a happy home where it is more appreciated. It’s so dark and worn, I love it. So much better than one that’s brand spanking new. And it carries the memory of my family’s first trip to France.

Vintage Louis Vuitton

My must have beauty product are all Purple Lab makeup, of course! Huge Lips Skinny Hips in Worship Kate (mauve shimmer), Kitty Poledancer (pale pink) and Red Sole (shear red), Luvah in Mama’s Boy which is the perfect nude, Silk Sheets luxe foundation, Lashionista Modelista in “After Dark” which is black with diamond dust (the liquid liner is amazing as a liner but if you lay it on thick and smudge it, it turns into steel gray shadow that rocks), Luxury Squared under eye concealer and highlighter, and Cheek Implants cream blush with collage in the shade Backstage Pass.

Purple Lab

Hair-wise, I use all of Devachan’s products for curls – their “No Poo” shampoo, their Deva One conditioner, Mirror Curl to bring on shine, and Arc Angel gel. I have been going there for 13 years and their products are my savior. Travel size, of course.

My SPF is Kate Somerville and hand cream is Bliss.

Bliss Hand Cream

I travel with every celebrity weekly (I cannot lie – it’s my guilty pleasure), Juxtapose (an art magazine that taps into street culture), Fast Company (my dream is to have Purple Lab featured), French Vogue for the imagery (I cannot speak a lick of the language, sadly), Dwell, and if the third book of the Hunger Games trilogy was out, I’d be reading that as well as Melissa de la Cruz’s Blue Bloods vampire series (nothing like upper crust vampires in high fashion to escape with). I’ll probably have a Malcolm Gladwell book as well – he is my literary hero.

For snacks, I bring Tazo Passion flavor tea and let it seep in a large bottle of water with Stevia – so much more flavorful than plain water. Dried mango and almonds as well. 

When it comes to tunes, for the plane, I crave mellow – Sia, Massive Attack, Portishead, Air, Zero Seven. When I’m away, I like to turn it up – I have a great mix that a DJ friend made with a ton of amazing imported songs by artists I have never heard of. Very fashion runway.

What else? If it’s a long flight, a travel sized Tempurpedic pillow, really yummy fleece socks, Chrome Hearts sunglasses (below) for getting off the plane in daylight (I’m obsessed with them and the subtle silver details on the arms), six inch heels if I have to go right from the airport to a meeting so I can turn on some chic to whatever I’m wearing.

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