A Peek Inside the Ladies of 3floz.com’s Carry On

They’re the founders of 3floz.com, a site dedicated to travel sized products, so who better to ask than Alexi Mintz (left) and Kate Duff (right) what they stash in their carry ons. Here’s what Kate had to say (check back later this week for Alexi’s carry on):

My carry on bag involves a lot of small bags. I like everything to have a place so I have a lot of those Toss s/3 bags in different sizes with my toiletries, beauty products, socks. I use shoe bags for my under garments and roll my clothes. I will take a picture one of these days because the organization is impressive.

What are some of your must have beauty products (lip balm, hair products, moisturizer)?

I never leave home without my Air Repair Beauty Balm I use it for my cuticles, lips, hands, feet, cuts it is truly an all purpose salve. I always have my Somme Institute Mobile Kit, Herban essential sanitizing towelettes and I have recently added Oscar Blandi Pronto Invisible Dry Shampoo to my must haves, it is a LIFE SAVER when I have to look fresh after a long flight.

Any current or fave plane reads?

Where do you think Alexi got her trashy magazine habit?

What do you have on your iPod when you travel?

I always have audiobooks on my ipod, I know I am a geek. I recently finished Delivery Happiness-A Path to profits, passion, and purpose by Tony Hseih the CEO of Zappos.com, INC, talk about inspiration.

Do you have a favorite wrap or sweater?

My favorite sweater/wrap (it’s a wrap with sleeves) is from Club Monaco. I stole from Alexi when we were traveling on business 3-4 years ago. SHHHHH don’t tell her!

Any fave plane snacks?

My favorite plane snacks are BBQ Pop chips, peanut butter Lara Bars and LOTS of water.

Where are some place you’ve been to recently or have planned?

I just got back from the horse races in Kentucky and went home to Chicago for Thanksgiving!

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