A Peek Inside the Ladies of 3floz.com Carry On, Part 2

Last week, we looked inside the carry on bag of Kate Duff (right), co-founder of 3floz.com. This week, we’ve got our eye on her partner’s Alexi Mintz (left) carry on. Here’s what Alexi, who recently got back from a four day getaway to Bardados takes with her when she’s on the road:

My carry on bag is organized chaos! I travel with two carry on’s- my luggage carry on and my work carry on. All my clothes are rolled in my luggage carry on and my purse is emptied and put in my luggage carry on. My work carry on is the big Marc by Marc Jacobs tote that holds everything- my computer, ipod, blackberry, wallet, magazine’s, snacks, socks- my feet always get cold on the plane! etc.

What are some of your must have beauty products?

On the plane I carry my must have’s in my work carry on: Archipelago Milk Lip Balm and Soy Lotion, Air Repair Facial Mist, Yes to Carrots towelettes. In my toiletry bag I carry: Somme Mobile Kit, Alterna Shampoo/Conditioner, Jonathan Dirt Hair Spray, Blow Weather Girl (came in super handy in the humidity of Barbados), Philip B Nordic Wood Body Shampoo and Conditioner and David Kirsch Vitamins.

Any current or fave plane reads?
My guilty pleasure is to purchase all the trashy magazines at Hudson news before I get on the flight. I pack all the magazines I haven’t had a chance to read (Inc, Fast Company, New York Magazine, Business Week) and will read one serious magazine followed by one trashy magazine. Lately I’ve been working during flight so I don’t read books- just my magazines.

What do you have on your iPod when you travel?
Music keeps me sane so I’ve got a lot on the IPod- lately I’ve been listening to: the XX, MMJ, Phoenix, LCD Soundsystem, Prince, Cold War Kids, Tallest Man on Earth, Friendly Fires, Interpol, Band of Horses, Arcade Fire, Biggie Smalls, Kanye, The National…

Do you have a favorite wrap or sweater?
Yes, I have a long black open sweater that I always wear on the plane- where ever my destination is- it doubles as a warmer cover up if needed. I travel with a scarf as well.

Any fave plane snacks?
I pack an apple and a Cliff Bar and at the airport I always buy a water

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