A Peek Inside the Harrah’s Director of Marketing Carry On Bag

We were so enchanted with the idea of Harrah’s Total Experience Specialists, we decided to sneak a peak into head specialist Veronica Smiley’s, carry on bag. As the Director of Marketing, Harrah’s Entertainment’s Total Experiences, Veronica is constantly on the go. Here’s what she takes with her.

My Jimmy Choo Riki bag in black patent – my girlfriend convinced me that patent is practical because it’s waterproof… hey, a “practical” Jimmy Choo bag sounded good to me!  Plus, the large size means I can throw in all my things with no problem.

I don’t travel anywhere without my purple Hermes shawl. It’s like a big cozy blanket that keeps me warm since I’m always so chilled on planes. A lovely gentleman sent it to me as a gift BEFORE we even went on our first date –  when my doorman brought it up a few hours beforehand, I was completely surprised and tickled.

I’m addicted to Clarins Flash Balm- gives me instant radiance after a long and dehydrating flight.  Plus I always slip Chanel Glossimer in Seashell in my bag for a little bit of glimmer on the go.

Snacks… “Go Raw” flax bars from Whole Foods are healthy and slim enough that they’re easy to travel with. And I always have a stash of fresh fruit to make sure I never have to give in to airport food!

I love having quiet time to work – I save my “think projects” for the flight since it’s the rare time where I have peace and quiet without my blackberry buzzing every moment!

I just finished The Ultimate Gift that a close friend of mine gave me over the holidays. With my fast-paced, chaotic lifestyle, it was such a treat to indulge in a simple yet powerful story that reminds us of what’s most important in life.

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