A Peek Inside the Founder of AirRepair Skincare’s Bag

Who better to ask about travel essentials than Denise Spanek, founder of AirRepair Skin Care? Denise travels from San Fran to the east coast frequently for 2 or 3 night trips. What’s in her carry on?

There are three basic guidelines to my carry-on: Fashion, Fitness and Function. I am an avid runner and a yoga practitioner and I don’t give those activities up just because I travel. They are my sanity with the schedule I’m keeping these days! That said, after packing running shoes and workout clothes, there is very limited space for the rest, so I have to make sure that what I pack is going to get the most use for the space.

I’m never without: my Dolce & Gabbana black, light wool turtleneck dress, a pair of Wolford black hose, my skinny black Levi jeans (great for day with boots, with heels for the evening), basic white, black and grey tees (Gap or American Apparel–below–are my favs) and a cardigan or pullover.

For shoes, I’m a boot girl, especially this time of year. I take one comfortable pair that I could walk ten miles in if I choose to and a high-heeled boot for evening (black, of course!) I pack everything in a very basic Briggs and Riley roller suitcase; not fancy but extremely functional and durable.

My hand bag, or what I call my “carpet bag” is one of my favorite recent purchases. It’s one of the Cole Haan, duffel style bags that Maria Sharapova, designed for them (That’s the small triple satchel from Maria’s line, below). I usually stay away from this kind of co-branding “hype” but I’m telling you, this bag is awesome! It’s stylish AND functional.

When it comes to beauty products, with few exceptions, I’m a niche brand girl. Of course I would not travel without my JSG’s OpenSky store. Air Repair Rescue Balm or Complexion Quenching Facial Mist. I’m constantly applying both in-flight to combat the effects of the nasty cabin environment. Plus, I know I have a fighting chance of not landing looking like a Sharpei!

As far as make-up, I’ve become a minimalist. I love the Perfekt Beauty Skin Perfection Gel in Radiant to even out skin tone, Maria Galland mini mascara “intense” from France and Susan Posnick’s lip colors (a light, neutral pink called Dallas–shown–and a more intense plummy red called NYC). I also use a bronzer from Le Metier De Beauté.

To make my life easier, I just got a fun, wash and wear hair cut so my hair products are basically a conditioning shampoo and this crazy hair wax called Magic Move Soft that my stylist gave me.

When I don’t have my nose in every fashion, style or travel magazine, then I do like to take a book (or two ) with me when I travel. I’m a little “ADD” when it comes to reading books, so I usually have two going at a time. Right now it’s The Elegance of the Hedgehog by Muriel Barbery and This I Believe; The Personal Philosophies of Remarkable Men and Women. The latter I read when I need inspiration.

I am addicted to my iphone for many reasons…but I won’t bore you. Let’s just say it makes my business travel easier than it ever was before. I don’t know how I went without it. I do love my ipod as well. Music is a passion of mine and I have a wide variety of tastes. You’ll find everything from Nick Drake to Joni Mitchell to The Monkees….no kidding! Right now I’m into a new alternative band I’ve discovered called Iron and Wine…really lovely.

Last but not least, I always travel with my good luck diamond studs that my honey gave me, my vintage Cartier watch and a simple, gold heirloom necklace with three charms (representing faith, hope and love) that my mom gave me for “protection” when I fly.

Watch Denise talk about the inspiration behind the Air Repair Skin Care kit. Buy AirRepair on JSG’s OpenSky store.

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