A Peek Inside Tarina Tarantino’s Carry On Bag

Tarina Tarantino

With her new cosmetics line set to debut at Sephora, it’s a safe bet designer Tarnina Tarantino will be on the road a lot in 2010. Here’s what’s in her carry on bag.

I have a Samsonite black label beauty box that I bought in Italy years ago. It is so perfect because everything fits inside the boxy shape. I organize everything into my Techno Tribal cosmetic clutches  for easy access to whatever I need.

cosmetic clutch

I like L’Occitane shea butter hand cream the best and Evian mini water spray for a little wake up mist after napping. My Tarina Tarantino Beauty Victorian Punk lip gloss ring (pictured below) has specially formulated Gem watergloss that keeps lips pretty and hydrated.

lip gloss

I always bring a cozy oversized sweater; the one I currently wear is from Theory. It has a thick cowl neck that I can pull over my head if someone sneezes in my direction. Not that it will help…..(JSG Note: We love this one from Theory.)

oversized sweater

I am reading the memoirs of Louis Vigee Le Brun who was the most famous female French painter of the 18th century. She was a very strong amazingly creative woman who had a very dramatic life.

Louis Vigee Le Brun

My guilty pleasure is that I always grab a National Enquirer to read during take off as that is my least favorite part of the flight.

National Enquirer

I have an appropriately named “Jet Set” playlist on my iPod with artists like Charlotte Gainsbourg, Air, John Fox (for deep sleep music), Starlighter, and Royksopp.

I always have my Bose QC3 headphones, which I of course crystallized.


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